Live like a local family

Live like a local family

–project in Le Bar Sur Loup, France, summer 2015

This project is called ”Live like local Family” and the idea is that I spend one month with my family in a country trying to adapt the local way of life. This includes the cooking, ricing up the children and visiting the school/kindergarden with my children. The first trip was made in May-June 2015 to France.

When: we rented a house (Villa Olivia) from Le Bar Sur Loup through AirBnB from May 16th until June 13th 2015.

Who traveled: There was two mothers with 5 kids staying the entire time. The ages of the children were 12-year-old boy, 12-year-old girl and boys in age 9, 7 and 6. Children visited the school in Le Bar Sur Loup (Ecole Elémentaire
Amiral de Grasse) for two weeks from May 18th until May 29th.

In co-operation: During this project we co-operated with Institute Francais and with the Tourism Nice and Tourism Cotê d’Azur.

All the articles from the #livelikealocalfamily -project will be found below.

Are you interested to a similar project? 

What we will offer: Our project will create interesting stories, real life pictures and content about your destination to be shared with your potential customers and followers. With the hashtag #livelikealocalfamily

What we will need: Beside observing and experiencing the local life in Le Bar Sur Loup, we will discover the area of Cotê d’Azur as much as possible. For that reason we are looking for partners interested to host us for a day or 1 or two nights.
We are looking also partners for car rental and bike rental to be used during the entire time.

Co-operation possibilities: We will vist the agreed destinations and test the services offered to us. About our experiences we are writing in our blog. We will also be active in the Finnish Family Travel –social media channels Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The destination or service provider can share this materials in their own channels with linking to the original resource.

We are also able to produce texts, pictures or even video blogs to the destinations own channels or purposes. This kind of material and the cost should be agreed separately.

I am looking forward the co-operation with you,

Inna-Pirjetta Lahti
Bloggers Experience, Innastus Oy
travel writer, blogger, speaker, CEO
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